single desert cactus flower

Two Flowers,
For Felice

On desert trail a cactus grows,
It shows a rough and pointed frame,
Bearing spines that caution pain,
It knows a land of heat and flame.

From pain a single flower blooms,
Soft petals rise from hard outside,
Beauty springs from harshness front,
Like kindness from a life’s cruel tide.

Two lovers pass bound heart to heart,
Enjoying nature’s beauty vast,
In couple’s breast love’s power grows,
Two conquer too much sadness past.

The hours pass, the lovers share,
Sun rides across blue desert sky,
Trail shorn in shadow, noon long past,
Two pairs of boots again pass by.

Flowers, lovers, bloom, embrace,
Lovers and flowers life renew,
Promise of life together true,
For what were one there now are two.

Always and Forever,
Your William

  two cactus flowers